NQT Induction

In BSO Accredited Schools

ESP, working in partnership with Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy, is proud to be the leading NQT Induction service for BSO accredited schools worldwide, regularly supporting the induction of over 150 NQTs each year.

Any school may employ NQTs and support them through induction if they have, within the last 6 years, had a successful BSO inspection and are a full member of one of the 5 organisations recognised by the DfE. These are AoBSO, BSME, COBIS, FOBISIA and NABSS.

The appointment of an Appropriate Body (AB) such as ESP, is a statutory requirement for the NQT Induction process in BSO schools. Our role is to monitor each NQT’s Induction through termly assessment ratification and to submit the final recommendation to the DfE’s Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) that the NQT has met the Teachers’ Standards.

In addition to the statutory administration and ratification process, ESP’s NQT Induction service includes guidance on all areas concerning Induction, quality assurance and assessment processes along with professional support and training for schools and NQTs.

What is Included?

  • The statutory assessment and reporting ratification process, including reporting to the DfE’s Teaching Regulation Agency.
  • Supporting you to meet your statutory responsibilities around NQT Induction.
  • Guidance and support to both schools and NQTs in all areas concerning induction, including supporting documentation and pro formas.
  • Termly NQT and Mentor updates.
  • Potential for NQTs with previous teaching experience to shorten their Induction.
  • An invitation for all NQTs to attend the ESP National NQT Conference in June 2020 without charge.

To find out more about how we can support your NQTs or to register for induction through ESP please email izzy@espeducation.co.uk

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