School Improvement

School Improvement

Our school consultancy service is carried out with sensitivity and understanding of the unique position of the school in which we work. While your ESP Challenge Partner will review and debate current practice, it will always be conducted in a constructive way and against a pre-agreed development agenda.

We Will

  • Listen, hear and observe Learn (about your school, its culture and ambitions)
  • Demonstrate positive regard for, and sensitivity towards, your school and the wider community
  • Work with the leadership team to identify opportunity areas to further strengthen your school’s provision
  • Offer updates on best-practice in UK education, sources of evidence and expertise
  • Work with the school on a collaborative approach for further development to include all stakeholders
  • Offer well-informed challenge on learning, achievement and leadership
  • Be honest, open and accessible to all

We Will Not

  • Make rush judgements or recommendations without substantial evidence from observation
  • Assume that we understand the school, its ethos and community better than those within it
  • Have a hidden agenda in our work. All work is bespoke and will be agreed with the Principal ahead of the visit
  • Impose our own agenda or undermine the authority of those we are supporting
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